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Team Global can insure your goods for you whilst in transit should you so require. Please talk to our Customer Services department on 01753 686393 in the first instance in order to arrange insurance.

Our fee (including the insurance premium) for this service is only 2.0% of the value of the goods plus the shipping costs, subject to a minimum fee (including premium) of £20.00.

There are some items for which we cannot offer insurance, these are listed below:

  • Documents, monies of every description, securities, negotiable instruments, bonds, bullion, stamps, credit and debit cards
  • Fresh fish, fruit and vegetables
  • Jewellery, watches, digital cameras and perfumes
  • Frozen and/or chilled food
  • Games consoles, tablet computers (including ipads), e-readers & other similar electronic device. Digital camera photo sticks
  • Mobile telephones, components, parts and accessories
  • Computer chips
  • Precious stones or metals (other than iron and steel)
  • Spirits, cigarettes and tobacco products
  • Living creatures and life forms of any type

Should you wish not to insure your consignment, then our standard trading conditions will apply. 

Download the trading conditions here..