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Collection & Delivery

At Team Global we know what is important to you.


With our fleet of vehicles posted around the London and Thames Valley region, we guarantee to collect your consignment within an hour of you having placed an order or at an agreed time. This is irrespective of whether the consignment is for an overnight or international delivery. Our drivers are equipped with the latest Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), which will be updated with details of your shipment within 1 minute of your having placed it. The PDAs will be used to confirm that your consignment is onboard and that it has been successfully delivered.
We are able to set up regular collections at a specific time and place.

Safety and Security

We are aware that your consignment is important to your business and at Team Global we take safety and security seriously. Our drivers are trained to keep your shipment safe and we maintain our fleet of vehicles in order to provide the most secure means of transport for your consignment.


We are aware that we are representing you to your clients. To this effect our delivery drivers are uniformed, friendly and highly trained and we also ensure our fleet of vehicles are less than 2 years old and maintained to a high standard. Our experienced trained staff will ensure the right size vehicle is sent to collect your consignmen